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Auto Paddy Separator

For a long time in the past, the separation of paddy from brown rice was a toughest problem pose to many rice millers throughout the world. Sometimes, rice millers had to install a big size paddy separator which occupies large space in a mill where smaller one should come, very often such paddy separators being rather difficult to handle. And some other times, they had to dispense with any paddy separator at all, which would bring about rather unfavorable results on finished white rice. The ” TAKAYAMA ” paddy separator eliminates all this inconvenience, but offers every advantage of compact size, easy operation, low maintenance cost, small driving power and high adoptability to any kinds of grain in stable performance.

The “TAKAYAMA” paddy separator model BSL, being a unique masterpiece for the separation of rice grains, based on the superb engineering and rice milling knowledge acquired over four decades of specialized manufacture of agricultural machinery, takes no choice in size and condition of rice for its separation and is so foolproof to handle that no skill at all in actually required for the operation of this compactly-built paddy separator. A B C C B A TAKAYAMA AUTO PADDY SEPARATOR Once paddy and rice grains are passed onto the separation table, they are given special sideway motions as they roll down towards the lower front end of the separating table. At first, paddy grains start floating up onto rice grains as they move from the joint effect of specific gravity and surface smoothness of the grain, and then while being given repeated knockings at the bank of the separating table, gradually drift over to the other side thereof, thus to be separated apart from each other. Being based on the principle of specific gravity and surface smoothness of the grain, difference in size, shape and weight of the grain carries no difference at all to this “TAKAYAMA” paddy separator model bsl each flow of separated grains is distinctively received into each hopper which is provide with adjustable by simple turn of crank-handle.


1. Designed and built sturdily in all-metal construction for longer period of use, guarantees a highly stable and smooth operation at all times.
2. Completely free from the troublesome adjustment ascribable to the differences in variety, shape, size and moisture of rice grains, therefore, no operational skill or professional knowledge is absolutely required.
3. Capable of constant separation regardless of difference or change in grain conditions and therefore, most suitable for constant operation, and the per-classification of grains of separation is practically dispensable, in any cases.
4. Can be installed into any small, medium-sized or large rice mill, thanks to its compact size, and is also operative most economically on comparatively smallest horsepower.
The “TAKAYAMA” paddy separator model BSL is a compactly built “double-unit” paddy separator of separating table symmetrically oscillating sideways for a reliable separation of brown rice from paddy.
Each oscillating block accommodates ten pieces of separating tables which poses a rough surface, slightly slanting frontward and drivable by means of a special “SYMMETRIC-DRIVE” cam equipment that shakes two separating blocks symmetrically at the fixed constant speed.





Required Power



Capacity Hr/kgs Brown rice

Short grain



Long Grain

Revolutions rpm



Main Pulley (V-type) mm

228 x B-1

228 x B-2

Main Belting (V) pcs.

B-type x 1

B-type x 2

Overall Dimensions/mm

L1950 x W1540 x H1785

L1895 x W1540 x H1715

Export Packing/cft

N.W.840 kgs
G.W. 1046 kgs
VOL 145 cft

N.W.800 kgs
G.W. 925 kgs
VOL 135 cft