Complete Set Rice Mill
WPM-30,Rice Polisher


Rice Polisher


Updated Rice Polisher By Wet Polishing Giving Refined, Wash-Free Crystal Rice
Wash-free rice is the dream come true for the century and it is exquisitely realized by TAKA YAMA know-how.
The hi-capacity TAMA YAMA WPM-30 rice polisher removes the bran remained in the surface and starch layer attached to the longitudinal grooves of the grain, producing the shiny white rice calling for no washing, i.e., it is a kind of wet wash-free rice polisher, a newly developed machanism of ingenuity.

When the surface of a bright white rice grain becomes so smooth, it will not create hazy water in dipping. Besides, the rice surface, free of slight powder, moisture of tiny pockets containing worm eggs with untidy elements, will be safe and held harmless from mildew and worms in storage.

it is a very difficult technique to polish mechanically the white rice grains into bright ones. TAKA YAMA is the one and only choice in wet polishing. The conventional dry polishing produces broken grains and less unity. Besides, the flat taste is its prime defect.

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