Cereal/Grain Whitening Machine
CM-250C,Coffee Whitening Machine

The most important consideration in the economics of coffee whitening is the recovery and broken coffee percentage YUAN SAN FON COFFEE WHITENING MACHINE has been thoroughly tested and consistently proven to be the best coffee whitening machine of its kind. An increase in recovery and decrease in broken coffee grain is guaranteed over whatever type of whitening machine you may have.
The development of this “WHITENING MACHINE” have been due to two important factors, The need of a machine to give the largest yield of whole coffee in view of the paramount importance of this staple commodity to the world. The second factor stems from the excellence of the engineers at YUAN SAN FON AGRICULTURE MACHINERY CO., LTD. They have been instrumental in the development of many super YUAN SAN FON MACHINERIES.

1. Constant air injection into the whitening chamber during the whole whitening process guarantees the total elimination of chips and maintains the coffee down at low temperature avoiding possible breakage.
2. The main shaft is supported with three bearings, so the machine will operate more stable which decrease breakage of the whitened coffee and increase whitening yield.
3. High yield of pure, whole whitened coffee is assured because the coffee meets the whitening surface without any pressure applied, so breakage is negligible.
4. The whitening degree is adjustable as required by adding or retracting the resisting weight on the outlet plate by means of the balance weights.
5. Durability of parts subject to wearing is extremely high. The whitening chamber screen has been heat treated and the roll is made of exceptionally hardened steel.
6. The inner frame rotate during operation so that it will not be blocked by wet chips