Packaging Machine
GP-150A,Single-scale Packaging Machine


Single-scale Packaging Machine

1. Weight range: 300g~10kg
2. Output: 7 bags per minute
3. Dimensions: 600mm×600mm×2000mm(L x W x H)
We also provide custom made single-scale packaging machines to match customer’s requirements.
1. Weigh sensor: Load cell
2. Accuracy: ±1/1000 (Excluding sealing and depending on weight of product to be packed)
3. Power source: 1φ AC220V 60HZ
4. Compressed air pressure: 5kg/cm
5. The weight is taken when the product to be packed is in free fall. It is fast and accurate. The weight sensor is equipped to detect and alert a change in quantity.
6. The human machine interface provides effective operation and control of the machine by displaying the status of a work process and feedback from the machine, such as error messages, etc.
7. Typical applications: Dry and free flowing products in granular form,such as rice, wheat, grains, beans, plastic pellets, animal feeds, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical products, and pesticides.
8. The weight sensor detects and alerts a change in quantity to ensure that the exact size as required is packed.
9. The machine is equipped with high precision weight indicator and load cell device to ensure the most stable and accurate packaging performance.

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